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Microsoft President Warns Of Orwellian Nightmare By 2024

On an episode of BBC’s Panorama about China’s use of invasive AI to monitor its citizens, Microsoft President Brad Smith warned we were closer to an Orwellian state existence than suspected.

“If we don’t enact the laws that will protect the public in the future, we are going to find the technology racing ahead,” explained Smith.

“I’m constantly reminded of George Orwell’s lessons in his book 1984. You know the fundamental story…was about a government who could see everything that everyone did and hear everything that everyone said all the time.

“Well, that didn’t come to pass in 1984, but if we’re not careful that could come to pass in 2024.”

These comments came as the program revealed Chinese may be using emotion detection cameras in the Xinjiang province.

An anonymous source told the show: “We placed the emotion detection camera three metres from the subject. It is similar to a lie detector but this is a far more advanced technology.

“It is used to confirm the authorities’ prejudgment without any credible evidence. The computer score reveals the suspect is dangerous, therefore he or she must be guilty of many wrongdoings which have not been confessed yet.”

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