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Microsoft Is Giving Outlook For Mac A Fancy Makeover This October

Microsoft has given its Outlook for Mac a total revamp, with the redesign set to be released to the public this October.

The software giant has been working on the revamp for the past year and users can expect the roll-out to include cleaner designs, new icons and big changes to the email app in time for the launch of macOS Big Sur.

Microsoft detailed the biggest changes in a blog post, telling users the design will be sleeker with a focus on simplicity, while still offering a familiar Outlook experience.

“We wanted you to feel at home while using Outlook for Mac without sacrificing what makes Outlook, well, Outlook,” said Microsoft marketing program manager Jessica Wilczek in a blog post.

It also combines Microsoft’s Fluent design with Apple’s macOS design.

“We have incorporated friendly and modern Fluent icons that establish a consistent experience across our products and services,” Microsoft wrote in the blogpost.

“The refreshed, customizable message list helps you easily triage your inbox, and updates to the main mail canvas and calendar, such as the My Day mini calendar, provides a focused, cleaner feel. The end-to-end redesign brings simplicity and customization to your email and calendaring.”

Every part of Outlook for Mac will see changes with this new and improved update.

Visual features aren’t the only changes coming with the makeover. Microsoft is also adding the sync technology used on Outlook for iOS which will help Office 365, Outlook.com and Google accounts to sync faster.

The new Outlook for Mac design will be available to users from mid-October.

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