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Microsoft Express Safety Concerns About Work In The Metaverse

While Microsoft is prepared for the inevitable move to the metaverse and the future of work, the company believes that the new platform is not without risks that need to be addressed. Charlie Bell, executive VP of security, compliance, identity and management at Microsoft.

The internet is already plagued by hackers and scammers trying their best to get their hands on your data. Bell has stated in a blog post those threats such as these will take on new forms in the metaverse.

“Fraud and phishing attacks targeting your identity could come from a familiar face – literally – like an avatar who impersonates your coworker, instead of a misleading domain name or email address. These types of threats could be deal breakers for enterprises if we don’t act now.”

He also stresses the importance of establishing secure interoperability, to avoid the security risks and other issues that arise with any gaps and bugs that may result.

The early days of the metaverse provide an opportunity for things to be done safely, securely and for the betterment of the world, and that it is the responsibility and duty of major companies, rivals or otherwise, to work together to achieve this.

“We have one chance at the start of this era to establish specific, core security principles that foster trust and peace of mind for metaverse experiences,” says Bell “If we miss this opportunity, we’ll needlessly deter the adoption of technologies with great potential for improving accessibility, collaboration, and business. The security community must work together to build a foundation to safely work, shop and play.”


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