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Michael Mignano, Co-Founder Of Anchor Resigns From Spotify

Spotify’s podcasting tech chief and co-founder of Anchor, Michael Mignano, has submitted his resignation and will leave the former at the end of June.

Mignano was responsible for co-founding Anchor in 2015, a DIY podcast platform and distributor. In an effort to ramp up their stake in the growing podcasting market, Spotify spent over $212.7 million AUD ($150 million USD) acquiring Anchor and assigned Mignano as the head of podcasting.

Anchor has established itself as the king of podcasting platforms, with Livewire Labs reporting that one out four new podcast episodes are done so via Anchor. Spotify acquired Anchor in 2019, and is now the host to 4 million podcasts, as opposed to 1 million in 2020. They also say that 85% of podcasts uploaded to the platform are done so through Anchor.

Mignano is not the first big name in Spotify’s podcasting business to resign, as Courtney Holt, head of studios and video, announced she was leaving the company. She was responsible for getting Joe Rogan and the Obamas on the platform. Lydia Polgreen of Gimlet Media also left recently.

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