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Meta Announce VR Headset To Take On Laptops

In a further push to establish the Metaverses as the future of work and play, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta have launched ‘Project Cambria’, the apparent next generation of VR technology, and a headset that the company hopes to be an “iPhone moment”, and a product that is able to replace “your laptop or work setup.”

This follows the news that the company has just announced a physical store which aims to introduce consumers to the world of VR and AR.

Project Cambria, which is likely to be based on technology from Meta owned Oculus, will make use technology that is not currently incorporated into VR headsets, such as facial recognition recording which recognizes and records facial expressions, eye tracking and new optics.

Meta hope to incorporate the new features in their new headset, with the aim of making the Metaverse experience more real, making collaboration and communication for work more effective and intuitive. As a result, the Project Cambria headset has been designed with workplace use in mind.

Credit: Facebook

Investment in the Metaverse has resulted in a decline in growth for Meta, as the company reported losses of just under US$3 billion, and a further US$10 billion via their augmented reality company Reality Labs.

“It’s not going to be until those products really hit the market and scale in a meaningful way, and this market ends up being big, that this will be a big revenue or profit contributor to the business,” says Zuckerberg via TechCrunch.

Meta is also apparently working on another headset codenamed “Nazare” which is due for release as early as 2024. It will focus more on AR and be designed for public use.

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