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McDonald’s Sued For $1.2 Billion Over McFlurry Device

A couple that invented, manufactured and sold a device that aids in the repair of McDonald’s famously inept ice cream machines is suing the giant for US$900 million (A$1.22 billion), saying the company lied and destroyed their business.

Jeremy O’Sullivan and Melissa Nelson (pictured above) created Kytch, a device that can be installed into McDonald’s ice cream machines to diagnose the litany of problems that often plague the machines. They sell the technology to franchise owners frustrated by the machines’ frequent malfunction.

“Let’s face it, soft serve machines are super complicated,” Kytch explains. “With Kytch’s real-time alerts, say goodbye to downtime and hello to smooth sailing.

“Kytch gives you and your team a clear picture of your machine’s performance so you can immediately fix problems when they occur and fine tune to prevent future issues.”

In November 2020, McDonald’s told all franchisees not to use Kytch devices. They warned that the modification violated the machine’s warranties and could cause “serious human injury.”

This effectively killed Kytch, whose creators are now suing McDonald’s.

“They tarnished our name,” Nelson told WIRED. “They scared off our customers and ruined our business. They were anti-competitive.”

“They lied about a product that they said would be released. McDonald’s had every reason to know that Kytch was safe and didn’t have any issues.

“It was not dangerous, like they claimed. And so we’re suing them.”

As expected, McDonald’s says the case is meritless.

“McDonald’s owes it to our customers, crew and franchisees to maintain our rigorous safety standards and work with fully vetted suppliers in that pursuit.

“Kytch’s claims are meritless, and we’ll respond to the complaint accordingly.”

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