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Marantz Ambassador Ken Ishiwata Departs

Image: Stereo Net

The face (and more importantly ears) of Japanese audio brand Marantz Ken Ishiwata will be leaving the company after more than 40 years.

Mr Ishiwata was the final point of approval for Marantz products and also lent his signature to a range of special edition products in the Marantz line-up.

The long-serving engineer and ambassador joined Marantz in 1978 having previously worked at Pioneer, a brand Marantz’ parent company Sound United recently acquired as part of a deal with Onkyo.

Mr Ishiwata told What HiFi he “thought [he’d] be forever a part of Marantz… unfortunately that’s not the case.”

It’s not clear the reason for Mr Ishiwata’s exit from the company, though it is said to be a mutual agreement.

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