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Google Pulls The Plug On Jump VR Platform

Google has pulled the plug on its Jump VR platform, currently in use by GoPro Odyssey and Yi Halo, stating that it will go offline by the end of June, due to a declining user base and growing competition.

The global tech behemoth launched the platform back in 2015 with GoPro, to simplify the creation of 3D 360-degree videos using footage captured by compatible camera rigs which feature over a dozen action cams.

Once the action is captured and uploaded, the Jump platform utilises the cloud to automatically stitch the individual feeds together.

Google made the announcement to the platform’s users via email and posted a notice on the Jump FAQ page.

The platform will not accept new uploads for processing on June 26, 2019.

Users wanting a copy of the data uploaded will have until June 27 to download it and on June 28 Google will begin deleting the Jump cloud’s data and deactivating accounts.

Google says that a declining user base and a growing number of alternatives lead to the company shutting the platform down.

Camera rigs that support jump, notably GoPro Odyssey and Yi Halo, will still work with third-party editing software.

Last year, Google also axed its collaboration to develop Imas VR cameras to allow filmmakers to capture 360-degree 3D footage, allegedly dropping the project in favour of AR technology.

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