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Many Aussies Now Ditching Facebook, Uni Lecturer Claims

Despite the recent threats by the US-based Facebook to pull its services from Australia – a move it has since abandoned in favour of doing deals with Down Under news outlets – large numbers of Australian are ditching their use of Facebook, according to recent reports.

According to Roger Patulny, a sociology lecturer at the University of Wollongong, the main reason Aussies are switching off is because they find social media boring.

“That’s good,” Patulny told the ABC, adding: “It shows we have a capacity to push back against the technology giants if they make our world more boring.”

He said the reason most people disconnected from social media is because they feel it is a poor use of their time.

But perhaps it depends on whether you have been to university or not. “There’s a link between education and disconnecting,” Patulny said.

“If you have a university degree, you are most likely to switch off. With a high-school or trade qualification, you’re likely to have tried and not disconnected, and if you’re in high school you’re not likely to have tried to disconnect at all.”

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