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Major Upgrade For Apple Stores Now Called “Town Squares”.

Apple has launched its latest range of devices in what is a crucial roll out for Apple and the future of the Company, they have also talked up new store concepts.

The event was held in the Steve Jobs Theatre, at the new Apple Cupertino Campus and the big question for many before the event was whether Apple CEO Tim Cook who arrived early for the event could deliver in the same way that Steve Jobs delivered 10 years ago, when he launched the first iPhone a product that now accounts for two thirds of Apple’s revenue.

Ironically users of the Google Chrome browser were denied access to the live Apple stream which was not surprising from a Company who believes in proprietary technology and users having to buy Apple products.

The event was kicked off by Cook with the first person appearing on stage was Angela Ahrendts from Apple Retail, referring to the old name Apple Stores she said “We don’t call them stores anymore, we call them Town Squares. They are gathering places.”

“We’ve always said that our people are our soul… but along with our amazing teams, our commitment to design sets us apart. That’s why we think of Apple Retail as Apple’s largest products. And like all of our products, we design new features.”

She said that “Larger stores now have a plaza outdoors, insides have forums where people can hang. There are boardrooms for entrepreneurs”.

“This summer, to turn on these new features, we’ve launched Today at Apple.”

“We started with things that are core to Apple’s DNA… photography, music, gaming, and app development.”

Apple has really been trying to turn its stores into… something else. More than “genius bar.” Now it’s offering boardrooms for entrepreneurs, classes for customers to learn stuff like photography, workshops for teachers. Everyone trying to reinvent retail.

The concept is set to be launched in Australia.

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