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Major Problems For iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 owners in Australia are reporting major problems with their new smartphone due to the removal of the headphone jack and poor audio output.

One of the biggest problems is with the phones’ signal, and a glitch with the Lightning EarPods, which come with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and connect to the charging port.

Users claim that they “simply don’t work” and that the remote control buttons on the wired headphones malfunction after the EarPods have been plugged in for a few minutes, causing songs to sporadically play and pause and Siri to randomly be activated.iphone7-jetblk-34br_airpods-laydown-ob-print1

The buttons also seize up, according to reports from others, which makes it hard to regain control without unplugging the headphones and waiting.

Separately, users have complained that their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices struggle to find signal after Airplane Mode is turned off.

There is even speculation that the problem could be in the new iOS 10 with some iPhone 6 owners also reporting problems.

Apple is urging customers to try turning their phones on and off again to see if it regains signal. If not, Apple said users should remove the SIM card before turning the phone on.

The problems with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, while annoying, are as of yet nowhere near as serious as the overheating problem in some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, which led to a global recall at the beginning of this month. Apple claims that they expect to release a software fix that should resolve the Airplane Mode and headphone glitches.

It is yet to respond to claims that the new handsets have been making a hissing sound.

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