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Major Hiccup In Production Of Apple’s AirPods Studio, Shipment Delayed

Rumour has it the shipment of Apple’s long-awaited over-ear headphones has been delayed until December after a production issue meant several key features needed to be scrapped.

Noted Apple leaker Jon Prosser claims there has been a ‘major hiccup’ in the production of AirPods Studio and the tech giant is still wading through the problems before units can be finalised.

“A few key features have now been cut. Seems they still need to work some things out before we have final units. Looking like they won’t be ready to ship until December AT BEST,” Prosser said in a Tweet.

Prosser also warns shipment of the products could even be delayed until March 2021 if Apple can’t iron out the issues before the end of the year.

“Technically, this means that (if everything goes smoothly and no further issues arise) they could still announce in November and ship in December. But it’s also just as likely that B515 (AirPods Studio) don’t see release until March 2021,” he added.

Prosser believes the over-ear headphones will cost US$599 (AUD$834) and reports Apple may launch a cheaper, “sport-like” alternative for $350 ($AUD487).

He shared renders of the headphones, citing them as being made of metal or leather. The render looks strikingly similar to headphones made by audio firm Bowers & Wilkins.

He says the AirPods Studio will also be designed with magnetic ear cups which are reversible, no headphone jack and a USBC port. Some of these features may be changed after the reported production hiccup.

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