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TrickleStar After Oz Distributor

TrickleStar After Oz DistributorTrickleStar says its products address the issue of standby power consumed by PC appliances and TV accessories such as printers, modems, speakers, scanners, DVD players, amplifiers and games consoles by stopping the flow of power when they are in ‘standby’ mode.

“When you consider that standby power has been estimated as contributing to as much as 12 percent of consumers’ electricity bills – in the home or office environment – you realise just how much standby power costs, not just for the impact it has on our hip pockets, but on the electrical grid and the planet,”says Bernard Emby, co-founder of the company. “TrickleStar is looking for a national distributor to support our trade and on-line retail sales and partners to make the product available to consumers in the Australian market.”