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Bowers & Wilkins Rejig 600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins Rejig 600 Series

Bowers & Wilkins has just unveiled the 600 Series hi-fi and home cinema speakers. And you guessed it there are six new speakers from HTM62 and is priced from $699 to $2,499 for a set of 683’s. 

All will be available from next month setting a new standard for affordable loudspeakers, say B&W. 


The new 600 Series utilises Bowers & Wilkins Double Dome Tweeters derived from the CM10 speaker, anti-resonance Plugs for mid/bass drive units and Kevlar cones. 

There’s other new advances developed for the new series, including new Dual Layer aluminium bass drivers and new tweeter decoupling technology.

The 683, below, is the largest speaker in the new series – a floorstander designed to deliver outstanding power. 

The 684 floorstander is now slimmer, with improved Kevlar bass / smaller, 5-inch drivers make for a slimmer speaker.  


The 685 fits on a stand or bookshelf, good for most sized rooms and is THE definitive affordable standmount loudspeaker, say its makers, priced at $999.  

The new 686, small at just 160mm wide, and the most compact speaker in the 600 series. 

Its main 5-inch driver features a 25mm voice coil for higher sensitivity, and it now has a front rather than rear-firing FlowportTM, and features a built-in bracket.

Bowers & Wilkins has two home cinema speaker packages based on the series: the 684 Theatre, comprising 684 front speakers, HTM62 centre speaker, 686 rear speakers and ASW610 subwoofer; and 683 Theatre, with 683 front speakers, HTM61 centre-channel, 686 rear speakers and ASW610XP subwoofer. 

You can also mix and match to create a bespoke system for any room size. 

The HTM61 is the larger of the new 600 Series centre speakers, a perfect match for the 683 floorstanders. HTM62 is a slimmer centre speaker. 

B&W also have developed three subwoofers: the ASW610XP, ASW610 and ASW608. 

All 600 series speakers comes in either Black Ash and White, and feature painted baffles and complementary black or grey grilles, depending on the finish chosen. 

Detailing in the new 600 Series is improved too, with a new fixed steel grille to protect the tweeter and a brushed aluminium, diamond-cut logo plate in a dark or light tint corresponding to the finish on the Black Ash and White models.

The new 600 Series is available from March 2013.

683 is priced $2,499 per pair
684 is priced $1,699 per pair
685 is priced $999 per pair
686 is priced $799 per pair
HTM61 is priced $1,099
HTM62 is priced $699
ASW 610XP is priced $1,899
ASW610 is priced $999
ASW608 is priced $799

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