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Logitech’s New Webcam Takes A Page Out Of Apple’s Book

Logitech has announced the Brio 500, a new Full HD webcam set to take on Apple’s Desk View as the ultimate work from home solution.

According to a recent study cited by the Swiss tech company, over “89% of work-from-home adults struggle with unflattering camera angles, poor lighting conditions, and field-of-view limitations when using a built-in laptop camera.”

A titan in the webcam industry, Logitech has designed the Brio 500 as an ideal solution for those working at home, with its signature ‘Show Mode’ allowing it to show what is on your desk to those watching over teams.

This makes it an idea solution for those who use physical mediums that cannot be easily shared via a computer, such as university lecturers and creatives.

“Many remote and hybrid workers are still underequipped and grappling with pre-pandemic-era solutions,” said Scott Wharton, GM of Logitech Video Collaboration.

The Brio 500 can be tilted down to get a view of the users desk, and then flips the image so that those watching can see the users point of view.

This is a party trick of Apple’s own Desk View webcam, which the company unveiled back in June at their WWDC.

However, it seems Apple’s solution is a tad more sophisticated, allowing users to use their iPhone as a webcam at the touch of a button, making it easy to show their desk. The Logitech is simply tilted down.

Alongside this, the Brio 500 comes with Logitech’s “Right Sight” technology, which keeps the user in frame as they move around, whilst Right Light 4 maintains image brightness to account for poor environmental lighting.

Further catering to the at-home worker is Logitech’s Zone Vibe headphones. According to the company, the Zone Vibe series are the first on the market to provide users with business-grade performance, comfort and style and an affordable price.

With a lightweight build and soft, memory foam earcups, the new headphones have been designed for all day wear.

Both the Brio 500 and Zone Vibe make use of recycled plastic and are certified as carbon neutral thanks to carbon offset during manufacturing.

The Logitech Brio 500 and Zone Vibe 100 headphones will be available from this month for $99.95 and 179.95 respectively. Both devices are available in graphite, off-white and rose colour options.

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