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Logitech Gets Into VR Market With Chorus

Logitech has announced a new audio accessory designed to create next level immersive audio for Virtual Reality followers.

The Chorus, which has been designed for use with the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, floats next to the ears rather than sitting on top of them as typical over-ear headphones would. For those familiar, the design is extremely similar to the off-ear headphones of the Valve Index.

Logitech says that the custom drivers featured on the Chorus are capable of delivering the “biggest moments and tiniest details in the metaverse.”

The result is a delivered soundscape that deeply immerses the user within content with a realistic hearing experience, whilst also allowing them to hear the outside world thanks to its open back design.

As great as this may sound, the design does come with it’s drawbacks. While the ability to hear the outside world makes for a safer VR experience, it could also be a problem for immersion if you’re environment isn’t quiet.

It also means that those around you will probably hear what audio is playing, which not only affects privacy, but could be a problem if picked up when using voice call services such as Discord, resulting in feedback.

While in the US it’s set to cost $100 (roughly A$144.84), local pricing and availability for the Logitech Chorus is yet to be announced.

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