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Lime Launch Ex-Uber Electric Bikes In Sydney

Micromobility provider, Lime, has snared many of Uber’s former electric bikes, and is launching a new red fleet in Sydney concurrent with loosening coronavirus restrictions.

Reported by The Australian, the news comes after Uber offloaded thousands of its striking Jump electric bikes and scooters to Lime, who has distributed them throughout many global locations.

It comes after Uber announced plans to launch its new Jump electric bikes at the start of 2020, then embarking on a US$170 million fundraising round in May.

Lime senior management has praised the design of Uber’s former bikes, and is reportedly open to deploying more of them in the future.

Disclosed in an announcement email, Lime’s new electric bikes boast new safety feature plus added power boosts.

Lime has pledged to increase electric bike sanitisation and cleaning in line with NSW COVID-safe practises.

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