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LG’s Powerful New Vacuum Cleaner Spins Faster Than An Airplane Engine

LG will introduce a new generation of CordZero vacuum cleaners at CES 2017 next week, including the improved CordZero Handstick and CordZero Canister.

The CordZero Handstick features a Smart Inverter Motor that spins 16 times faster than the engine on a Boeing 747, bringing top class suction and powerful airflow. The motor generates an Axial Turbo Cyclone, creating powerful whirlwinds that allow fine dust to be captured more effectively according to LG.

An advanced five-step filtration system (including a HEPA 13 Filter) is used by the CordZero Handstick to remove most of the dust that would typically go airborne when using other vacuum cleaners.

Convenience and comfort are also prominent features of the CordZero Handstick, which features two removable batteries, a telescoping handle for higher reach, anti-tangle technology for hair and pet fur, and a wall-mounted self-standing charger.

“Integrating LG’s most advanced vacuum technologies, our new CordZero™ products will completely transform the cleaning experience,” said president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company Song Dae-hyun.

“The new CordZero series showcases our commitment to developing the most capable home appliances, providing consumers with the convenience they need to live lives.”

LG’s CordZero Canister similarly features the Axial Turbo Cyclone generated by a Smart Inverter Motor, with strong suction powered by a PowerPack 72V lithium-ion battery.


The CordZero Canister also includes smart technology for a simpler clean, including RoboSense 2.0 technology which allows the vacuum to automatically follow the user with no pulling required, as well as a collision detection system to identify and avoid obstacles.

Other features include a Power Drive Nozzle and an ergonomic Opti-balanced handle that reduces pressure on the wrist and elbow while vacuuming. A seven-step filtration system (including a HEPA 14 filter) helps the CordZero Canister to pick up ultra-fine dust and allergens that other vacuum cleaners could miss.

More details on the new generation of LG CordZero vacuum cleaners will be announced next week.

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