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LG V30 Announcement Set for August 31

LG is expected to unveil its next high-end V-series smartphone in late August.

A ‘save the date’ message has been sent out by LG for August 31 in Berlin, where consumer tech show IFA will also be running from September 1-6.

The most likely product to be announced at the event based on the ‘V’ shape prominently featured in LG’s message is the V30, a follow up to the V20 released last year.

Rumours had previously indicated LG would unveil the V30 sometime in August to get an edge on competitors. Looking at the specific dates though, the V20 was unveiled on September 6, 2016, putting it only a week later in the year than the expected V30 announcement date.

Among the rumoured technical features of the V30 are a 5.8-inch display, 2.4Ghz Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM and a dual-lens camera. Unlike the V20, it’s also rumoured to feature waterproofing.

ChannelNews recently noted that the rumoured specs of the V30 are quite similar to those of the upcoming Pixel ‘XXL’.

As for when LG will begin selling the device, the V20 became available in Australia about two months after it was unveiled. Based on this, the V30 should be available in stores sometime in late October or early November.

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