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LG To Roll Out QNED Mini LED TV Range From July

LG is rolling out its new range of QNED Mini LED TVs this July.

The QNED televisions combine Mini LED light sources with colour enhancement technologies, blending Nano Cell and quantum dot to provide a superior image.

More dimming zones, and smaller light sources mean that brightness is enhanced, blacks are deeper, and the contrast ratio is higher.

The LG QNED Mini LED TV range will include three models – QNED91 4K, QNED96 8K and QNED99 8K, which will come in both 65 and 75-inch models.

QNED91 4K TV features TruMotion 200Hz, HDMI 2.1 and up to 1,400 dimming zones; QNED96 8Kand QNED99 8Kfeatures TruMotion 200Hz and up to 2,400 dimming zones.

Pricing for the range is below.

Model RRP
86QNED99 $10,799
75QNED99 $7,799
65QNED99 $5,999
75QNED96 $6,599
65QNED96 $6,599
86QNED91 $8,399
75QNED91 $5,999
65QNED91 $4,799


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