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LG Stylo 4 Exclusive To Amazon Prime

LG’s affordable take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the Stylo 4, has officially launched as a US Amazon Prime exclusive, coupled with a notable price drop from US$300 to US$250.

Similar to other Amazon Prime exclusive phones, the device comes preinstalled with non-removable Amazon apps such as Alexa and Audible, however, some assert it’s not a bad trade-off for the price discount.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a tough endeavour for Aussies to get their hands on the device, following Amazon’s decision to cease shipping goods from its US site to Australian addresses.

Some commentators question whether Amazon Australia will eventually adopt a similar business model, choosing to exclusively range a brand’s products, bypassing traditional retailers.

The LG Stylo 4 features a 6.2-inch display screen with a stylus, similar to Samsung’s ‘phablet’ Note series, for a more affordable price.

Contrary to Samsung’s Note, LG’s Stylo 4 is positioned as a mid-range device, running Android Oreo with a USB-C port.

Aussie consumers will have to hold their breath and see whether LG chooses to release a similar device locally.

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