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LG ‘Refreshes’ Its 2020 French Door Refrigerator Range

LG Australia has introduced its ‘refreshed’ range of French door refrigerators, which feature the brand’s latest air flow and venting design system.

The updated air flow system, which was first featured on select models in 2019, combines rear air vents with Door Cooling+ outlets that are strategically positioned in the ceiling near the front of the fridge cavity. This surrounds food with cool air from multiple directions, making it better at keeping food fresher for longer.

The updated range showcase’s LG’s top of the line interior components, as well as its classically chic exterior finishes. Products in this line-up come in matte black, black stainless and stainless, and are now finished with a flat metal laminated duct cover on the back of the fridge interior, which give the products a premium look.

All of LG’s new French door fridges come with built-in linear compressor technology to deliver less vibration, fewer moving parts and lower noise output than previous non-linear compressor systems. The result is a quieter and more durable fridge, backed by a 10-year parts warranty.

LG has also added the popular InstaView Door-in-Door, which was introduced last year, to more of its models. By tapping the glass on the door of the fridge twice, the InstaView gives you a peek into what’s inside without having to open and close the door – a solution that is both convenient and energy efficient.

LG models that now have the InstaView Door-in-Door feature include the 910L, matte black GF-V910MBL (RRP: $5,999) and the 708L, black stainless GF-V706BSL (RRP: $5,199) – both of which are available at Australia’s major retailers.


Other models in the updated line-up include the 708L black stainless steel GF-D706MBL (RRP: $4,599), which is available at JB Hi-Fi and the Good Guys; the 708L black stainless GF-D706BSL (RRP: $4,199); the 708L stainless finish GF-L706PL ($3,899); and the stainless 725L four-door GF-B730PL (RRP: $3,399).

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