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LG Launches Multi Million Dollar Brand Campaign

LG Australia who 21 years ago created the tag line “Life’s Good” has bought the branding tag back to life with a multimillion-dollar campaign across TV radio and out of home.

This is the first major campaign for LG Electronics in several years.

The launch follows an extensive research campaign which found that despite COVID lockdowns Australians were still “optimistic” about their lives and their future.

Gemma Lemieux who was appointed as the new Marketing Director at LG Electronics Australia last year said that she wants to see LG seen as an “holistic” brand and that they had deliberately chosen to shoot the campaign in what appears to be an average Australian home with a strong audio track.

The original LG campaign the at launched the “Life’s Good” branding in Australia featured four washing machines on pedestals in a studio, the only one that didn’t fall off was the LG machine because of the technology built into the machine that reduced vibrations.

It was a bold and brave campaign that put LG on the appliance landscape and was the birth of the tag line “Life’s Good” which went on to be used globally.

Despite a Zoom call with media their PR agency Webber Shandwick has still not issued any images or press releases relating to the campaign despite repeated requests.

The Company claims that Australians today and during COVID lockdowns are “making the most of their lives with the home now transformed into the place where they work, entertain themselves, workout and live”.

Lemieux refused to say how much LG was spending on the brand campaign but she did claim it was 50% more than what they spent last year.

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