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LG Dishwashers Now COVID-19 Friendly

LG Electronics has moved to significantly upgrade the technology found in their dish washing machines to be more COVID-19 friendly.

All 2020 models are now certified by the US National Sanitisation Foundation to reduce bacteria on dishes by 99.99 percent and reach a final rinse temperature greater than 150°F when operated on the steam cycle of TrueSteam models or the High Temp Cycle of other LG dishwashers.

The Company is set to introduce Wi-Fi-enabled, smart LG QuadWash dishwashers featuring Dynamic Dry technology to help eliminate water spots and the need to dry by hand a move that is a lot safer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The LG models with TrueSteam are the only in the industry to deliver two separate blasts of real steam from powerful steam jets for drying that eliminates water spots by up to 60 percent.

QuadWash technology is built around four powerful Multi-Motion spray arms instead of the standard two to power-clean dishes from multiple angles throughout the entire cycle.

While TrueSteam is only currently available on models LDP6810, LDP7808, LDT7808, Dynamic Dry technology is built into all LG dishwashers to deliver faster, more complete drying of dishes, glasses, utensils, containers and more so they are ready for storage or your table right off the rack.

Pricing and the availability of the new models for Australia have not been announced.

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