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LG Demo To Showcase HDR Broadcast Tech

LG is set to demo high dynamic range (HDR) broadcast technologies in collaboration with the BBC and satellite operator SES this week, employing hybrid log gamma (HLG) technology.

The demonstration, which will take place at the ninth SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg, will see high-quality HDR content broadcast to LG’s latest OLED TV via a live satellite feed utilising backward-compatible HLG technology.

LG explains that HLG “expands the contrast ratio and colour reproduction capability” of standard dynamic range TVs.

“HLG technology was developed by the BBC and NHK to enable a backwards-compatible transmission of HDR content,” LG states.

“Employing a single distribution bit stream, which can be decoded by both dedicated HDR receivers and legacy non-HDR receivers, the HLG system requires no production metadata, making it compatible with existing broadcast infrastructure, thereby enabling a straightforward migration to HDR television production.”

The flexibility of the HDR HLG tech “makes it an excellent choice for broadcast HDR services”, LG states, while HDR HLG content viewed on LG OLED TVs “looks more realistic, delivers greater depth and the deepest blacks”.

“We are committed to supporting the efforts of our partners to standardise HDR broadcast technologies and make advanced display technology more widely available,” Wayne Park, LG executive vice president and head of European operations, commented.

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