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LG Could Be Releasing An Updated V30

Rumours over LG releasing an updated V30 are circulating once again, with the electronics company to bring now the new device early next month in conjunction with Mobile World Congress.

Reports from ET News says the device will be named the V30s with a similar look to the V30 but with an AI camera and 256GB of storage.

The AI camera would be similar to the Google Lens or Bixby Vision.

ET News says this AI camera would be able to translate foreign languages by the user putting the camera over the foreign text and being automatically translated on the device.

First reports of an updated V30 came out late last month, with outlets also claiming it would have AI technology and be released at MWC.

LG is no longer releasing smartphones on a yearly cycle and will only release phones as they see fit so this might be the last new LG smartphone we see for a while.

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