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LG Add Alexa To Their OLED & NanoCell TV’s

LG Electronics has moved to integrate Alexa into their 2020 OLED and NanoCell TV’s what’s not known at this stage is whether we will see the new range in Australia this year.

The new Alexa hands-free voice control is available via a firmware upgrade on eight 2020 LG TVs including the LG OLED SIGNATURE ZX Series 8K TVs, LG OLED WX Series “Wallpaper” 4K TVs, LG OLED GX Series “Gallery” 4K TVs, and the LG NanoCell 99 8K TV series models in the USA.

In Australia, the market is predominantly Google and LG Australia already has Google Assistant built into their TV’s.

In addition to the hands-free update for voice control, new Alexa features launching for LG TVs in this update include smart home camera support, timers, alarms, reminders, announcements, and notifications.

LG TV owners with the Alexa capability will be able to interact with Alexa hands-free by simply saying, “Alexa,” followed by their command.

With the latest Alexa features, customers can say, “Alexa, set a 30-minute kitchen timer” to alert them to check dinner while watching their favourite TV show.

Customers can also say “Alexa, remind the kids to shut off the video games at 8pm” to pop-up a TV reminder for the family.

Users wishing to use push-to-talk button can still do so by holding down a button on their Magic Remote controller.

All available Alexa features will work both in hands-free and push-to-talk modes.

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