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Leaks: Credible Source Unveils New Motorola Razr Colour Option

Prolific and credible gadget leakster Evan Blass has unveiled a new gold colour option for Motorola’s revamped Razr model.

Motorola’s upcoming Razr, which has so far only been made available in the colour black, is set to be released into the US market this Thursday for $1,500 (US).

The new highly anticipated device has already seen a successful running with pre-orders, which saw initial pre-orders sell out and become back-ordered until 18 February.

The Razr is quite possibly one of the most excitable smartphone releases of 2020, thanks to the nostalgia factor and the sleek, sexy design. But starting at US $1,500 (AUD $1,700) and considering its mid-tier specs and features, it’s not a device for consumers who are looking to pocket the latest premium purchase with the latest tech.

The device runs on the decent Snapdragon 710 chip and features a healthy 6GB of RAM. But it only features a single camera, setting it out from the crowd of three to four camera smartphone releases.

It also lacks some new basic premium features including wireless charging and an official IP water resistance rating, which makes the device’s price tag almost hard to justify given the features of its competitors in the same price margin.

There is no indication that the gold colour option – if it’s set to be released onto the market- is any different to the existing black edition of the Razr. If the leak is accurate, it seems to be just a new colour option.

Other specs and features of the Razr include a 6.2-inch foldable screen with a 826p resolution that’s unreasonably low for a device with such a premium price tag and design.

On the device’s exterior, there’s a small 2.7-inch display for quick bits of information, including time, and notifications. The single camera is 16 megapixels.

Perhaps the most boastful feature is its impossibly thin status – coming in at 6.9mm unfolded. However, when folded, it’s thicker than most smartphones at 14mm.

Motorola has not made comment on the details of this article.

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