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LCD Panel Makers Slash Production Amid Losses

Following declining panel prices and continued losses, several global LCD suppliers have further slashed production volumes, particularly for 43″, 49/50″ and 65″ TV panels.

According to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimesTV panel prices have continued to fall in April.

During the first quarter of 2018, medium TV panel prices reportedly dropped 7% – 10%, whilst large size TV panels slipped over 10%.

In April, the average quote for a 65-inch TV panel slipped US$10 to US$280 – a price expected to incur losses for several panel manufacturers.

A significant increase in the production of panels above 65-inches is said to have further exacerbated results.

As Samsung Display, LG Display, AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux retain their position as dominant players, global shipments of 65-inch TV panels have reportedly notched ~1 million units per month.

The industry giants are also expected to cut their production capacity for 65-inch panels, in a bid to reduce potential losses.

Several suppliers have reportedly affirmed 23.6″, 32″ and 55″ TV panels remain profitable.

Prices of 43-inch FHD TV panels are also expected to drop further in May, with some suppliers set to incur losses also. Prices for the panels are currently set around US$93.


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