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Laser Launches Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X

Laser has launched its new Navig8r Crash Cam Pro X dash camera, with intelligent alerts built exclusively for the Australian market.

Laser states that the Pro X “takes in-vehicle incident recording to the next level with super full-HD image quality that delivers meticulously detailed footage”, with the Pro X capturing 1296p footage.

laser1The Pro X is decked out with a 165-degree wide-angle lens with distortion correction software, ensuring “more footage is captured without the deformation associated with ultra-wide angle lenses”.

“An advanced Ambarella image processor coupled to a compact six-glass low dispersion lens affords high dynamic range, superior night vision, improved contrast and less blur at high frame rates,” Laser states. “This results in superior video and still footage in all conditions.”

Exclusive to the Pro X is an on-screen street map featuring intelligent alerts for school zones, speed and red light cameras, taking into account the different road rules around the country.

“Drivers can view their location on a screen map, which shows roads and street names, ensuring you never get lost again,” Laser states.

“The vehicle’s actual speed (as measured by GPS) is also displayed, as well as speed cameras, red light cameras and school zones, which are preloaded with correct Australian state school zone times to warn drivers of an impending change in speed (and possible infringement).”

Other features include journey review with Google Maps, with drivers able to review video footage, speed, time, date and location information on Google Maps, automatic event recording, and park mode, activating camera recording even when a car is unattended.

“Australians are very quickly realising the significant benefits of having a crash cam as an extra set of eyes on the road, and the Pro X delivers a wide range of features that will assist people in their day-to-day driving,” Laser managing director Chris Lau commented.

“Extending beyond crash footage, the Pro X also goes a long way to minimising potential incidents, with inclusions such as speed camera and school zone alerts. This ensures drivers remain vigilant, and the community stays safe.”

laser2Priced at $349.95 RRP, the Pro X is available from Harvey Norman and online from Laser.

Key features:

  • 1296p high-resolution

  • 16 MP camera

  • 165-degree wide-angle viewing

  • 2″ LCD screen, auto on/off

  • GPU Ambarella A7 chipset

  • 4.0 MP CMOS sensor

  • F3.0 f/2.0 lens

  • Six-glass element lens

  • G-Sensor recording and parking mode

  • Google Maps: on-screen maps, GPS tracking, driver fatigue monitoring, red light/speed camera alerts, school zone alerts

  • Time stamp, loop record, built-in microphone

  • HDMI output

  • MOV file format

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