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Klipsch Not Saying How Much ‘Faulty’ Soundbars Will Cost The Company

Voxx International, who recently set up a new Premium Audio Products subsidiary in Australia has not said how many millions of dollars, faulty Klipsch products are set to cost the audio manufacturer in Australia.

Currently management are spruiking a new range of products to dealers despite Harvey Norman sending back Klipsch stock after a “torrent” of consumer complaints about the US Companies sound bar products that were sold in Australia.

The problem appears to be poor wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, with several owners of the Companies sound bars unable to connect to a network or stream content.

The Companies former distributor Qualifi is refusing to officially say how bad the situation really is, however, a Harvey Norman franchisee told ChannelNews that “pallet loads” of stock have been returned to the Companies distributor.

One Klipsch consumer wrote on a social media site recently “Purchased a sound bar and have had many issues with sound quality and overall poor performance. I submitted a ticket through the automated system on January 18th and have yet to receive any level of support in spite of numerous follow-ups from me. I’ve created a second ticket and once again, have received zero response. The warranty period ends in a few weeks and I’m concerned my support request will be denied”.

Klipsch responded claiming “I’d like to personally apologize for the delayed response times. We are experiencing higher than normal traffic so we’re behind, however that shouldn’t matter. We are working to improve this daily”.

Another Klipsch customer wrote on the Better Business Bureau site ” I bought a Klipsch Reference R-120SW 12″ in June of 2020. In January of 21, it died. I sent Klipsch an email through their customer service portal and received automated responses saying they are running behind. I get it, COVID but now we are at 90 days and not even a response. This company makes great gear, but the customer service is terrible. I guess I toss this 6-month-old unit in the garbage now. The unit has a 2-year warranty”.

The Company responded claiming “Thank you for patience and understanding while contacting Klipsch! We have a had a drastic increase in ticket traffic and we are working our hardest to take care of everyone”.

They eventually reached out to the customer and set up an exchange to get him a replacement.

Management at Klipsch are well known for their questionable ethics after they recently terminated their Australian distributor, Melbourne based Qualifi despite record growth for the brand by the distributor.

It now appears that Klipsch management used confidential Qualifi information to establish their new business in Australia.

This information was supplied by two former Qualifi management which included former National Sales Manager Peter Shamoon and former General Manager Phil Hawkins who are now facing the possibility of legal action by Qualifi.

Both former executives are now employed or contracted to Premium Audio Products despite what has been described as there “dishonest actions” while employed at Qualifi.

Questions are also being raised about the actions of recently promoted Vince Bonacorsi who was named Vice President of Klipsch’s Lifestyle Audio Division and is believed to have worked with Shamoon and Hawkins to set up the new Premium Audio Products despite both executives still being employed by Qualifi and despite Qualifi still being the contracted distributor of Klipsch products in Australia.

Peter Shamoon the new APG Sales Manager seen cuddling up to Vince Bonacorsi who was named Vice President of Klipsch’s Lifestyle Audio Division earlier this year

Recently Qualifi was sold to Voxx International archrival Sound United, who are launching several new products right up against Klipsch and other Premium Audio Products.

Shortly JB Hi Fi will start ranging a new range of Denon Home products that consist of three network speakers with the entry level speaker sub $400. Also tipped is a new affordable Denon sound bar.

Also coming is a new range of Polk speakers and soundbars that will compete head on with Klipsch while in the premium audio market Sound United is set to expand their Bowers & Wilkins range later this year.

Several Qualifi staff who Premium Audio Products management were trying to hire into the new Company have chosen to stay with the new Sound United operation in Australia.

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