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3D Phone? Amazon Mystery “Device” Revealed 18/6

3D Phone? Amazon Mystery "Device" Revealed 18/6The secret device Amazon has been rumoured to be working on – said to be a smartphone with a 3D eye tracker is going to be revealed on Wednesday June 18, after Amazon made an announcement overnight. 

Join Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos for our launch event June 18th, Seattle. Want an invite to our new device unveiling,” the ecommerce giant tweeted overnight along with a teaser YouTube video. 
Amazon is allowing developers, media and consumers to attend the launch, which could shake up the smartphone market, if rumors are true. 
The device could be sold at a low cost or even free, previous reports also suggested. 
According to Techcrunch, Amazon’s secret smartphone uses “multiple cameras to track your eyes and head, it featured a 3D interface that changed according to how you were looking at it.” 
“Wow, fantastic”, “really cool” and “it moved with me!” were among the exclamations by users of the device, and judging by the way they moved in the YouTube video (maybe it was just from enthusiasm?), an eye tracker on the phone would make sense.
However, it could also be a fitness device like a smart watch or even a console.