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Sharp ‘Space Age’ Bluetooth Shuttle $249

Sharp Sharp’s new (GX-BT7) Wireless Bluetooth speaker streams music from mobiles, PC via Bluetooth and NFC tags. 

Place Near Field Communication (NFC) tags on a phone/tablet and it lets you stream tunes up to 10 metres away from the speaker. 
Once turned on, the space-age Bluetooth speaker opens from the centre like a shuttle with two 8cm sub-woofers on each end and LED lights then syncs to the beat of the track. 
The shuttle 2.1ch speaker system has 20 RMS output power and dual active subwoofers.  
It measures 445 x 172 x 172 mm (WxHxD), weighs 2.28kg and has a RRP of $249.   
The GX-BT7 supports Android’s Open-Accessory Apple’s IAP protocol. You can connect the speaker to a mobile via USB and enjoy high quality audio on YouTube or online videos. 
Sharp are now selling direct in Australia via its new website, including this new Bluetooth speaker.