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Apple’s New Jewellery: The iWatch?


The expectations for an Apple iTime or iWatch wearable keep growing stronger, with a new leaked letter adding more fuel to the fire. 
Reported by 9to5Mac, which reports the letter talks of “expanded and potentially ‘jewelry’-classified sapphire production” to start this month, which could be part of a just-it-time manufacturing process for iWatches to start arriving in retail stores later in September, or later this year. 
Jewelry is the US spelling for jewellery.  
The letter is dated July 2, 2014, and is from Apple executive Andrew McGilvray to the US Foreign Trade Zone Board says in part that Apple is making a request “to expand the scope of the Product Authority already approved by the FTZ Board”, “respectfully requesting expedited approval. . . so we can meet an aggressive go-live timeline of August 2014”.

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Apple iWatch letter
9to5Mac quotes “PTT Research Senior Analyst and GTAT investor Matt Margolis” as the source of the latter, and quotes Mr Margolis saying that: “This indicates that Apple planned to have begun production of sapphire crystal components for new iOS devices this month, and many reports have indicated that new iPhones and other Apple gear have gone into production this month.”
As 9to5Mac notes, this request is likely to be for non iPhone products and pointing to the still mythical iWatch.  
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