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CAUGHT! Security Cameras Spying Via Web

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Here’s what one user posted on Reddit.

TrendNet security IP cameras have been exposed as secretly allowing external audiences spy on its owners, via the internet.

The flaw in the cameras, which are sold here in Australia, allows content captured via the security devices to be viewed online via video feed.

The apearance of such live video feeds have been cited on online forums including Reddit.

26 models in total have been affected by the security vulnerability including models TV-IP110, TV-IP110W and TV-IP 312.

US based TrendNet has issued a security update to fix the flaw, stating:

“We recently became aware of a vulnerability with several TRENDnet SecurView IP cameras purchased since April 2010. 

“TRENDnet’s security team understands that video from some TRENDnet IP SecurView cameras may be accessed online in real time. “

Installing the firmaware will eliminate the potential security threat, the company said on its website, citing a coding error for the major flaw in its camera system.

Matthew Mann, head of BAX IT services, who distributes TrendNet devices here, told the SMH just 13 customers bought the device here, although 53 of the potential insecure spy cameras exist in Australia.

Mann also said he would be contacting affected customers to urge them to install the updates.

The breach was first reported by the Verge last week, after one user found anyone who was aware of the user IP address could access the video stream online.