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JB Hi-Fi: NOW It’s Video

JB Hi-Fi: NOW It’s Video
JB Hi-Fi: NOW It

Announcing the new cloud based service at Macquarie Investor Conference on Friday, NOW Video service is “nearing completion,” JB boss Terry Smart revealed.  

JB video service runs on the cloud-based UltraViolet system, allowing users to instantly stream, download movies to PC, iOS and Android smartphones or tablets – via JB Hi-Fi NOW Video app or software. 
The Ultra Violet system gives a code in the cover of physical DVD, Blu Ray’s purchased, which lets you view it digitally on mobile devices. You can also download for offline viewing. The Hobbit, Gangster Squad and Django Unchained are among the titles listed on Now Video website. 
However, you cannot use the Ultraviolet platform using your existing JB Now logins. Although the existing platform is used by lots of companies worldwide, users can only watch titles bought within Oz. 
“JB HI-FI NOW platform continues to develop and allows us to stay engaged with our customers after the physical purchase  has been made,” the retailer said in its presentation. 

The service, which is going live soon, gives JB the treble play of video, music and ebooks allowing it to complete with other platforms including Apple, Amazon and local players like Quickflix; a move which has been widely anticipated after it launched Now Books last month. 

The retailer already sells bucket loads of DVDs and Blu-ray with a large chunk of its store space dedicated to content, so it makes sense to go digital, as Internet streaming and video-on-demand services become more popular. 
JB said the addition of ebooks was a “natural add to our significant e-reader, tablet and PC sales” and is a “growing market.” 
NOW Music currently has over 22,000 paid subscribers  and continues to grow
There is also a new JB Hi-Fi website currently under construction as online visitors continue to rapidly grow, although still account for just 2% of total sales. 
In the first half of 2013 (1HY13), online sales grew 40% and visitors were up 30% to over 1 million per week.