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Its Baack: Click Frenzy ‘eCarnival’ Hits 2013

  Its Baack: Click Frenzy
Click Frenzy was OZ’s first 24-hour Internet sales event with 170 retailers taking part including Myer and Dick Smith, which led to multiple retailer servers and Click Frenzy’s own site crashing under the weight of 2.6 million consumers looking for e-deals.

But now its rolling out a full calendar of events including the Mother’s Day Tuesday, April 23, Father’s Day plus End-of-Financial-Year and a pre Christmas ‘eCarrnival’ and Click Frenzy in November which will remain the staple event, Grant Arnott Click Frenzy co-founder said on Power Retail today.

Mr Click Frenzy said improvements made to its systems to ensure the mass web crash won’t happen again.

“We’ve listened, and we have learnt ” Arnott said, promising none of the online fiasco of last year, where consumers were unable to access the Click Frenzy and retailer’s sites for hours, despite having pre-registered, leading to an outcry on Twitter, Facebook.

Even the ACCC admited they were aware of the fiasco.

Despite this, Click Frenzy is definitely returning in 2013, as well as an eCarnivale which will hit Internet town the third week in November starting with the 24-hour mega-sale from 7pm Tuesday 19 with “all merchants on display.”

The eCarnivale event continues for the rest of that week, with breakout events for home, entertainment and other categories.

To help moderate the traffic, subscribers will be given early access to Click Frenzy events whilst for the public, the shopping site goes live at 7pm for the start of each event.

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“Due to the outage and the subsequent controversy via social media,
there’s a perception that Click Frenzy failed,” Arnott said.

“Its popularity exceeded our wildest forecasts, and the site was down for the first 15% of the 24 hour period, which caused a major stir across media and social media.”

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“There are still plenty of critics, but we’ve been buoyed by the overwhelming industry support for Click Frenzy, and we’re determined to deliver.”

The co-founder of the sale event insisted there’s been “great enthusiasm” from consumers  and “we’ve had an incredible response from existing and new retailers on our Click Frenzy database for the Mother’s Day campaign and subsequent events.”

However, the organisation was not available for comment when contacted by CN.

If you would like further information on participating in Click Frenzy 2013, email [email protected]
/* */ or call 03 9585 9869.