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Bang & Olufsen ‘BeoEssence’ $1095

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Essence unleash the ‘one touch’ sound system which the Danish audio kings say is a game changer. 
Unveiled at CES 2014, the sound system consists of a round aluminium BeoSound Essence Remote which you control with touch (or iPhone, Android), and a hide-away white box which you plug into your Hi-Fi .
The round, wall mountable BeoSound Essence Remote (weighs 114g) connects to the system via WiFi or via Ethernet.  
You can either mount it on to the wall or else there’s a table stand version. Place multiple Essence Remotes around the house, and listen to your favourite, customised music when you walk into each room. 

Up to three BeoSound Essence Remotes connect to one system. The remote on the wall lets users play, stop, change volume and tracks. 

The hide away box is the audio centre for AirPlay streaming, DLNA streaming, Spotify Connect, QPlay and internet radio stations. 

The Danish audio kings say pairing BeoSound Essence sound system with Bang & Olufsen active speakers will give audiophiles the outstanding B&O acoustic experience. 

But at AUD$1,095 (includes BeoSound Essence Remote and box) Bang’s new system isn’t cheap, but certainly looks classy. It costs an additional AUD 220 for additional wall-mounted or table top BeoSound Essence Remotes.
Bang & Olufsen also announced BeoMusic app, which lets you control the system from iOS or Android devices. 

It lets users browse music from the mobile, PC or NAS device, as well as accessing internet radio.