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Jaycar Pulls Pin On Bulldogs Following Mad Monday Antics

Electronics company Jaycar has decided to end its relationship with the Canterbury Bulldogs following the scandal that enveloped the team following Mad Monday earlier this week.

Jaycar has sponsored the team since 2009 in a deal said to be worth about $500,000 a year which has also included major front-of-jersey naming rights over some of those years.

Gary Johnston, Jaycar’s owner and founder, told Fairfax Media today that he could no longer be associated with the team due to the behaviour of some players at Harbour View Hotel at The Rocks on Monday night.

Johnston is planning to take Jaycar public in the near future and reportedly told Canterbury officials that he couldn’t afford to be negatively impacted by such an association. He also expressed disappointment at the club’s failure to contact him and offer an explanation.

The fallout from the end-of-season shenanigans has been expensive for the Bulldogs. The NRL has already fined the club $250,000 after players were photographed dancing naked in the Harbour View’s lobby and vomiting in the streets.

“The club organised the event and failed to implement the most basic of measures to ensure it was conducted in an appropriate way,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said at the time.

Two of the players involved, Asipeli Fine and Adam Elliott, have also been issued with court notices for ‘wilful and obscene exposure’, police said in a statement.