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“We’re Not Just Keyboards & Mice”: Logitech Go Mobile


That was the overriding message from Logitech ‘Playhouse’ launch in Sydney, where the accessories guru branched out into new areas, including very clever (stick it anywhere) case+drive mobile case, Bluetooth speakers, a superbly crafted gaming mouse, and headphones. 
“It all started with a mouse”, declared Marcus Fry, Managing Director, Logitech Australia, borrowing the phrase coined by Walt Disney. And it did, when Logitech developed first computer mouse back in 1981. 
But now Logitech are looking to the living room, gaming room, mobile user, as well as the office with its cases and PC accessories – it now operates in “8 or 9 categories”, says Fry.

At Playhouse, Logitech  line up new trendy, colourful accessories from Music, Mobility, Gaming and Digital Home categories showed off everything from new audio, earbuds, headphones, some cool gaming gear including the 602 mouse for gaming headphones in funky blue (from Logitech G), ultrathin touch mouse, and Samsung tablet covers. 

Logitech case+drive for iPhone 5s – which allows you to stick your mobile anywhere – car dashboard, windows, worktop with a magnetic case, and a case+tilt, which lets your phone sit like a tablet at an angle. 

There will be Samsung S4 and other versions to follow and Logitech confirmed it is teaming up with Samsung “to a large extent” hailing importance of Google’s OS in mobile – “we recognise Android is a growing mobile segment”.    
New Samsung Galaxy Tab Ultrathin Keyboards come in glossy red, Folio cases, and the uber cool 602 gaming mouse (RRP $109), and on the PC front, a Wireless Keyboard with Built-In Touchpad and touch mouse.
Many of these newbies were unveiled for the first time globally, in Sydney today. 

There’s also more mobile accessories coming in 2014. 

Logitech invented the ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad, the No. 1 selling cover in the market, tapping into its expertise in keyboard technology for the mobility sphere. 

It has also ramped up its iPad, mini accessories – now thinner and lighter than the current range.
‘Thin and light’ ethos permeates across the product range, but bringing stuff that is ‘on trend’ and fashionable, as fashtronics continues to gain currency, is core to Logitech. 
With colours like orange, pink and blue headphones and red speakers (UE Boom), Gen Y-ers are sure to come flocking, as well as the faithful customers from the PC end.  
Ultrathin mouse

For the living room, there’s new Bluetooth speakers, a Skype camera for Smart TVs (with four speakers) for $199, keyboard control for a Smart TV and a Universal remote.  

Bluetooth speakers include the already launched UE Ultimate Ears brand, the UE Boom. Last year, Logitech sold over 8 million multimedia speakers, said Fry. 

UA boom has been a “fantastic product for us and the world’s first social media music player” along with its 3rd generation gaming gear. 

 “Today we’re more than a mouse company – we sold under 5 million products  in the last two years, in fact there are probably about 15 million products in Australian homes”.  

Logitech MD spoke of dramatic changes from consumers having laptops, desktops to having “at least one tablet in the house and multiple smartphones – smarter than PC you had four years ago”.

The challenge is innovation – with design and we have to think about fashion, desires, he said.