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Glasses-Free! LG 3D Cinema A World First

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The D2500, the world’s first glasses-free 3D monitor to be certified by Underwriters Labs for product safety, puts LG in the lead in the 3D technology race, it said in a statement. 

This comes as some recent no glasses 3D technology have been plagued by fears about viewer eye safety and other health concerns.

The 3D TV uses the Parallax Barrier technology, which creates an illusion of depth based on a series of light-blocking barriers attached to the front of the LCD panel, which ensures the left and right eyes see different images.

The display, shown off at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week, also uses technology that follows the user’s head and eye positions in real time via an imbedded web cam, adjusting 3D images in accordance with the user’s viewing angle and distance from the monitor.

This small 3D victory for LG comes as it also gained another major advantage over fellow Korean rival Samsung, by announcing the first Google TV on Android 4.0 at CES, which could be launched in Australia as soon as May.

And expect more glasses free TV technology to come, LG said yesterday, meaning we could see no glasses 3D Smart TV’s, in the near future.

“Our glasses-free CINEMA 3D monitors will continue to lead LG in the glasses-free 3D market,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment.

“We will strengthen our glasses-free 3D product line-up to further distance ourselves from the competition.”

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The display has been subject to extensive testing by UL receiving Certificate of Validation on five different types of tests, including 2D Color Characteristic, 3D Color Characteristic, 3D Contrast, 3D Crosstalk and 3D Vertical Viewing Angle.

The D2500 has also been certified by international testers TUV Rheinland as a glasses-free 3D product, who cited  excellent contrast ratio and color production.