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Telstra: We’re On Facebook 24×7

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The Telstra 24×7 App on Facebook, launched yesterday, means its millions of customers can now manage their account and monitor their bill usage from the social network.

Facebook posts to Telstra via its Live Chat tool will also get a response “within the hour” the telco has pledged.

Telstra says it worked with more than 2,000 customers to come up with the perfect service app.

“Telstra’s 24×7 App on Facebook lets customers conveniently monitor their usage, track their bills and take advantage of around-the-clock customer service support, with posts responded to by our experts within the hour,” says Telstra Digital Executive Director, Gerd Schenkel.

“The best part is customers can do all this without leaving Facebook and without having to log-in separately at Telstra.com.”

But its not just Facebook, the telco has also unleashed Live Chat from Twitter and CrowdSupport via its new 24×7 Apps for iPhone and Android OS smartphones.

Pre-pay customers can also recharge their account and check their balance.

The Telstra 24×7 app was released for iPad in April. And best of all, the apps are free.

To set-up the 24×7 App on Facebook, customers can link their Telstra My Account details to their Facebook account at facebook.com/telstra24x7.

1. Select the “Manage your account” link.

2. Choose the “Link Account” option.

3. Enter the Telstra My Account username and password.

4. Customers will then see a message that says their accounts have been successfully linked.

“With this innovative app, Telstra is recognising that Facebook is as an essential part of everyday life for millions of Australians around the country and an effective way for Telstra to engage with its customers on a regular basis,” Liam Walsh, Facebook Heads of Sales ANZ, said.