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Trinnov Team With Sony And Krix For 35-Channel Home Theatre System

ISE 2023 – the Integrated Systems Europe trade show – doesn’t kick off in Barcelona until January 31, but there is already buzz about the 35-channel state-of-the-art home theatre system Trinnov, Sony and Australian manufacturer Krix will be showcasing.

Essentially the baby of French company Trinnov to demonstrate their new acoustic processing technology – digital sound field control system – to celebrate their 20th anniversary,  co-founder and CEO Arnaud Laborie says, “This is a major milestone in our development, and it will further reinforce our singularity and leadership for years to come.”

Working off their 15-year-old Optimizer digital room correction tech, Trinnov have added a new algorithm that uses subwoofer arrays and advanced processing to control the acoustics of the room – known as Active Acoustics.

The demo system at ISE will employ a high-end 13.16.6 channel home cinema system – 13 channels sent to front and surround speakers, 16 channels to the subs, and six for height/overhead channels, so 35 channels all up.

Trinnov are using their Altitude 32 and Altitude 48EXT AV preamp/processors for source switching. The Altitude 32 features up to 32 channels of audio processing, the 48EXT expands that to 48 channels if needed.

As for amplifiers, the demo system will be driven by four Amplitude 16 power amps, while the overhead and surround speakers will have single-ended channel connections, and the screen channels will all be bridged.

Then Australia steps in, with Krix providing all the subwoofers and loudspeakers. The screens channels will be Krix’s MX-40 LCR modules, which are three-way, bi-amped speakers featuring their patented horn design to serve up a uniform, constant directivity pattern, improved frequency response and low distortion.

For surround and height channels, the demo will be packing 14 Krix Hyperphonix 45s speakers, and the Double Bass Array will be 16 Cyclonix 18″ subwoofers – eight each front and back.

Sony then ensure things look as good as they sound, offering their flagship VPL-GTZ380 4K laser projector, which incorporates three native SXRD 4K panels and can serve up the full DCI-P3 colour space without any loss of brightness.

This projector outputs 10,000 lumens through a twin laser light source fusing blue and red lasers.