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Is The Russian Kaspersky Security Software Dodgy? Some Say Yes.

He is a former KGB employee now Russian cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky is defending claims that his Company is involved in cyber espionage.

In some markets such as the USA some organisations have stopped using Kaspersky branded software to protect their computer systems.

In response to the claims he has offered to hand over his global company’s code to US authorities as he fights to clear claims that his software allows Russian operatives to spy on users.

A keynote speaker at the CeBIT Australia business technology show Kaspersky is keen stop the rumours.

“It is not true.” Not only would he give evidence, but he would “give them the source code for checking”, he told the Australian newspaper.

“When we have government contracts, in some cases we’re asked to disclose our technologies. And we do it.”

Mr Kaspersky hit back at a claim that some employees were corrupt and could be Russian spies compromising his software.

“We do have former employees from the Russian defence, from the European defence, from the Israeli defence and from different countries. The people are coming to get a job and they are good guys. They’re not working on defence anymore.

“I don’t have any case of an employee doing something like that.”

“And it’s not possible to inject the code because people are watching.”

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