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Is Acer Set To Enter Air Purifier Market?

Is Acer set to enter the air purifier market, some say if not why not, after a senior executive admitted recently that the Company does have an air purifier available to be sold in Australia, with tests currently being conducted overseas to see whether their offering has appeal in both the consumer and commercial markets.

In Australia Acer could benefit from their strength in the education market.

Sudhir Goel, a chief business officer at Acer has confirmed that the Acer is testing the market for air purifiers with a test being rolled out in the Indian market which if successful could see other subsidiaries ranging an Acer air purifier.

Goel said “Air purifiers are a lifestyle product. We feel it is the right time to enter into the market. We will be expanding the road map in a slightly bigger way…what we have realised is that the demand is there for homes as well as hospitals.”

Acer is currently looking at a combination of both consumer and commercial air purifiers.

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