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iPhone Gains New Ground On Android Down Under: Report

Apple’s iPhone has made major gains in the Australian mobile telephony market in Australia, though Android still easily rules the Down Under roost, according to figures from the Kantar World Panel .

The latest results show that in the three months ended April 2017, iPhone sales took 38.4 percent of the Australian market, up from 32.7 percent in the same time last year. The growth mainly came at the expense of Android phones.

“The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus drove this growth, accounting for a combined share of 19.3 per cent, with the smaller iPhone SE also contributing to the brand’s overall increase,” Kantar said.

It noted: “The profile of the iPhone 7 buyer continues to steer away from under 25-year-olds and females who were the primary consumers in the three months post-launch, with males and 25-34 year olds [now] key to current purchasing.”

Android use declined almost three percentage points to 61.1 percent, with Samsung accounting for 35 percent of the Android market.

Sony and LG fell to 2.5 percent and 2 per cent respectively, while HTC held 2.7 percent of the market.

Chinese outfit Oppo accounted for 2.3 per cent of phones sold while Telstra came in at 2.1 percent and Google 1.5 per cent.

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