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Sony Set To Launch LG Made OLED Display TVs

LG who were desperate for another brand to trumpet OLED could soon get their wish with Sony set to take up the running for OLED technology with a big TV launched tipped for CES 2017. Also, tipped to launch an OLED TV offering in 2017 is Panasonic.

The manufacture of the Sony OLED TV range is none other than LG who are now working with several third-party TV Brands who are looking to break into the OLED market.

While Sony already sells OLED computer monitors, it still hasn’t jumped on OLED TV’s.This is the same Company who at CES 2006 were bragging that they were set to be the global leader in OLED TV’s.

In  2007, Sony launched the world’s first OLED TV (the XEL-1), although at 11″, it could not really be considered a TV. It was only made in small quantities and the price as a staggering $7,000 in Australia.

At CES 2013 Sony unveiled what they claimed was the world’s first 4K OLED TV. The panel was 56″ in size and used an Oxide-TFT and Sony’s own “Super Top Emission” OLED technology. Sony never released this TV commercially.

For the unaware, OLED screens are a popular (but expensive) type of display that are regularly used on smartphones, tablets, monitors, and televisions. Unlike conventional LED-backlit LCD displays, the pixels in an OLED screen produce their own light, eliminating the need for a backlight.LG OLED-1200-80

In the smartphone market, Samsung Display is the chief creator of OLED displays, which is why Galaxy phones regularly feature AMOLED panels. But in the TV industry, LG Display is the primary manufacturer of OLED panels, thus allowing LG to dominate the OLED TV market in Australia.

The problem for Sony was that they don’t manufacture their own TV’s so they had to rely on LG for the panels.

For consumers, the issue will be whether they buy an OLED TV from LG the original manufacture or Sony who are simply sticking a logo on what is in essence an LG OLED display screen.

According to Angus Jones General Manager of Marketing at LG the arrival of Sony into the OLED market will help grow awareness of OLED in the Australian market. “There are already several brands using LG OLED display especially in China, Panasonic also have TV’s that have OLED display technology in Japan, they have, just not launched them in Australia”.