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IoT Startup To Connect 1M Devices

Thinxtra, an Australian start-up that is rolling out a low-powered wide radio area network for the Internet of Things using proprietary technology from French company Sigfox, has scored a major contract from Australian company Silicon Controls.

The deal will see Silicon Controls launch up to one million monitoring devices on Sigfox networks in Australia and other countries.

Silicon Controls specialises in monitoring gas and liquid tanks using its Gaslog technology, which today connects over cellular networks. It is presently monitoring around 134,000 tanks and cylinders around the world.

Renal Gallis, ecosystem and marketing VP for Thinkstra, told CDN that the Sigfox technology would enable monitoring at much lower cost than cellular, greatly expanding the addressable market for Gaslog.

Devices on Sigfox networks in other countries will be accessible from Australia via the Sigfox cloud; and Thinxtra will earn revenue from these by providing roaming services to Silicon Controls, Gallis said. – Stuart Corner

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