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Internet Trumps TV As Aussies’ Main News Source

The internet has edged out TV as Australians’ main source of news, though TV remains most trusted, new Roy Morgan research has found.

More than 12.7 million Australians – 60.8 per cent – now say the internet is their main source of news, up 1.4 million since 2018; in contrast, TV dropped by one million, to 12.4 million or 59.4 per cent. However, almost seven million of us – 33.4 per cent – still say TV is most trusted. Radio is the third largest source of news, at 41.9 per cent.

According to Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine, traditional media is not being left behind in the world’s rush to digital news.

“The proliferation of new digital media such as social media in recent years, coupled with the era of ‘fake news’ has put a premium on ‘trust’ in media.

“Traditional media channels such as TV, radio, and newspapers that have built a high degree of trust over many decades do retain an advantage against new digital media. However, over the last two years Roy Morgan has revealed Internet channels are increasingly being relied upon to provide trusted sources of news,” she said.

Levine added that the internet is most highly trusted among younger Australians, but that trust in news media is under pressure in general.

“In this challenging environment with Australians looking for the truth about the latest developments concerning COVID-19, government-enforced lockdowns, and the search for a vaccine to deal with the pandemic, it is crucial for traditional media brands which have established their online presence to maintain and develop the trusted relationship their audiences have with those brands,” she said.

The findings come from Roy Morgan’s Single Source consumer survey, which interviewed 50,000 people.

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