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Indi Snares Tangent, Some Say Q Acoustics As Well

Danish Digital Radio and Hi Fi brand Tangent, whose products have built in DPS technology is set to make a return to Australia.

Originally distributed by Syntec the brand has been picked up by Indi Imports who will shortly announce that they have secured the rights to distribute a “major” sound brand in Australia.

Several retailer claim that the brand is Q Acoustics who recently parted Company with Westan who last year grew Q Acoustic sales in Australia 20% has gone to Indi Imports.Tangent who has been making sound gear since 1996 has created a unique range of audio products that not only sound good but like a lot of things from Denmark look good.

Tangent, was originally established in the UK by a group of dedicated HiFi enthusiasts, re-launched the brand in 2005 as a Danish company.

Today Tangent designs and engineers everything in Denmark and has a reputation for innovative design and for producing consistently high quality products that are highly recommended by reviewers.

Its range includes loudspeakers, table radios, sub woofers, mini HiFi systems, HiFi separates and accessories.
Most of the Tangent products today have built-in DSP (Digital Sound Processor), so you can adapt the sound from your Tangent device to the type of music you listen to most.
Over the year’s, Tangent has won many worldwide press awards.

The launch of the Fjord, in partnership with the famous Danish designer, Jacob Jensen set a brand-new course for the product line.

Jacob Jensen has designed for of more than 200 Bang & Olufsen products, several of which are still on display at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, he recently chosen to return to the world of audio with Tangent, to “create an object of pure design featuring the ultimate in acoustic quality” he said.

Tipped to have also snared Q Acoustics

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